Gallipoli, Turkey
gal1  Beach front where the troops landed at Gallipoli gal2  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli gal3  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli gal4  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli
gal5  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli gal6  Gallipoli, looking north gal7  Australian Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey gal8  Australian Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
gal9  Australian Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey gal12  View from the beach at Gallipoli gal14  Beach at Gallipoli looking south gal15  ANZAC Memorial, Gallipoli
gal16  Ataturks comments regarding those who died at Gallipoli being in the care of Turkish mothers gal17  Memorial, Gallipoli gal18  Simpson's grave, Gallipoli - the man who used a donkey he found to bring wounded soldiers down the slopes. gal19  Beach at Gallipoli
gal20  Anzac Cove, Gallipoli gal21  Beach at Gallipoli gal22  Beach at Gallipoli gal23  Australian Graves, Gallipoli
gal24  Australian War Memorial, Gallipoli gal25  Beach where the soldiers landed, Gallipoli gal26  Shallow water at Gallipoli gal27  Graves, Gallipoli
gal28  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli gal29  Old Trench top of the hills, Gallipoli gal30  Rugged country, Gallipoli gal31  View from top of hills looking south at Gallipoli
gal32  Lone Pine, Memorial, Gallipoli gal33  View to the north, Gallipoli gal35  Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli gal37  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli
gal39  Rugged country, Gallipoli gal41  Memorial, Gallipoli gal42  Looking south, Gallipoli gal43  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli
gal44  Turkish Memorial, Gallipoli gal45  Trench at Gallipoli gal46  Memorial, Gallipoli gal47  Open country, Gallipoli
gal48  Apartments, on road from Istanbul to Gallipoli gal49  Trench, Gallipoli gal50  Well worn trench, Gallipoli gal51  Ataturk, Turkish Commander, Gallipoli
gal52  Trench, Gallipoli